ERM Rubber - Environmental Rubber Mouldings

Environmental Rubber Mouldings was founded in 2008 with the aim of being an environmentally responsible company

specialising in the manufacture of high quality rubber moulded products to exacting customer specifications.

The company initially manufactured solid rubber tyres for “wheelie bin” wheels, supplying major manufacturers of industrial and domestic refuse bins.

Early In 2009 it commenced a strategy of diversification and expanded its product range.

Today the company, in addition to manufacturing solid rubber tyres, is a fast growing and major supplier of conveyor

impact rubber discs for the mining industry.

The customer base is constantly increasing and covers a wide range of industries, including transportation, mining and general engineering.

ERM helps the environment by reworking uncured rubber compound and green tyres from the tyre industry,

and recycles rubber shavings in the manufacturing of its high quality, hard wearing, and cost effective products.

This significantly reduces the amount of these products that could end up in landfills.

We further have a successful program to reduce and re-use our own waste products,

and thus “reduce, reuse and recycle”.