ERM Rubber - What We Do

The moulding facilities at ERM comprise a selection of down and up stroking compression presses.

As part of its ongoing improvement programme ERM is currently evaluating a number of new technologies and installed new mixing and moulding equipment in order to offer a wider range of products and services to the South African Industry.

The company includes within its product range, refuse bin wheel tyres, conveyor impact idler rubber discs, return idler rubber discs, airport ground support equipment tyres, plus a range of miscellaneous items as requested by our customers.

These products can be moulded in reworked rubber or commercially available rubber compounds formulated to the customers exacting requirements.

ERM was founded aware of the impact that materials and processes have on the environment.

To this end we decided to update our quality and environmental standards and implement a waste recycling program.

This process was initiated in 2010 and continues up to today.

Being environmentally aware further ties in to our social responsibility to the community in which ERM operates.

ERM has as its values:

• Quality,

• Integrity,

• Respect for the Environment,

Society and Employees,

• Teamwork, and Leadership.

Environmental Rubber Products is a BEE level 4 compliant company.